A New Album on the Way by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Screenshot 2016-06-11 at 7.39.09 PMThe Australian band, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is on track to release a studio album entitled Skeleton Tree preceded by a film known as One More Time With Feeling. The set release date for the album is September 9, 2016 while the Andrew Dominik directed film will air globally on September 8, 2016 for only a single night thus giving the millions of fans their first opportunity to hear the new music.

As it normally is with other bands and artists, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds did not share a single in advance or any other music. Though iTunes pre-order avoids naming the tracks in the new album, it is known that the album is coming via Bad Seed Limited.

In the press release, Cave and company said that One More Time With Feeling started as a performance-based concept and thereafter evolved into something quite significant thanks to Dominik who went into the backdrop of the recording and writing of the album. The Bad Seeds’ filmed performance of the upcoming album is interwoven throughout with footage and interviews shot by Dominik as well as intermittent narration by Nick Cave.

The filming was done in both black and white and color in 2D and 3D. The result is a fragile stark and a true testament of an artist fighting his way through darkness.

The new album is particularly significant to Caves because it happens to be his first release ever since Arthur, his 15 year old son, died tragically in July, 2015 when he fell from a cliff in Brighton, England. The last studio album that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released was Push the Sky Away which was out in 2013. This album was followed by 20,000 Days on Earth which is a semi-staged documentary.


Formation of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

This band has come a long way and dates as back as August 1983 when the Birthday Party broke up due to internal disputes and irreconcilable differences. In September 1983, Cave, Harvey, Bargeld, Barry Adamson, and Jim G. Thirlwell came together as a backing band for a solo project by Cave known as Man or Myth. The project had already been approved by Mute Records. The band had its first live show in St Kildar on December 31, 1983.

The first name the band adopted following months of being nameless was Nick Cave and the Cavemen. Later in May 1984, the band was renamed Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds thanks to the final Birthday Party EP known as the Bad Seed. Their first album was known From Her to Eternity and brought together all the recording sessions from September to October 1983. This album was released by Mute Records. Ever since, the band has released lots of albums including the First Born is Dead, Kicking against the Pricks, American III: Solitary Man, Live Seeds, Your Funeral, My Trial in reference to Barry Adamson who had passed on and many others.

Casey Dienel Sues Justin Bieber over “Sorry” Copyright Infringement

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Casey Dienel who is known by the stage name White Hinterland, has filed a lawsuit against Justin Bieber for copyright infringement. The Indie pop artist alleges that her song Ring the Bell was used in Bieber’s song entitled Sorry. Ring the Bell is a 2014 track from which Sorry borrows a lot according to White Hinterland. Writing on Facebook, Dienel sought audience with her fans and followers to explain how Sorry copies the vocal riff featured prominently in the song Ring the Bell.

She goes ahead to say that the producers, writers and performers of Sorry neither obtained a license nor her permission to exploit her work. The lawsuit against Justin Bieber also brings in the other responsible parties including Skrillex. 

The bone of contention and the substance of the lawsuit is the opening vocal melody of both Ring the Bell and Sorry. After the release of the song by Bieber, Dienel’s lawyers sent Bieber a letter regarding the infringement but apparently Bieber’s team chose to ignore. Left with no other option, she filed the lawsuit as a way to defend her music and art. 


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The Similarities between Ring the Bell and Sorry

According to TMZ, the infringement lawsuit implicates Bieber’s song Sorry for stealing up to 8 seconds of Ring the Bell and looping it close to 6 times. It also states that the notes of both songs are undoubtedly constructed around samples, keyboard synthesizers, drums, percussion, and synth bass. The lawsuit further points out that the striking and identical similarity of Sorry to Ring the Bell surpasses the boundaries of independent creation and generic coincidence. Skrillex and Justin Bieber are yet to respond publicly to the lawsuit and up to now, it remains unclear the much Dienel is seeking through the lawsuit. 

According to Dienel, the creation of original music is her passion in life despite its challenging and time consuming nature. In coming up with Ring the Bell, the artist alleges that she poured sweat, blood, and tears into writing and producing. The finished product listed by Rolling Stone as one of its favorite albums, songs and videos is something that Dienel is eternally proud of. Throughout her career, the artist says she has worked extremely hard to preserve her independence and creative control thus could not stomach it when someone else used and exploited her works without her express permission. 

Casey Dienel spent most of her youth in Massachusetts where she enrolled for her first piano lessons at a tender age of four and by 14 she had already started writing her own pop songs. After high school, she attended the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. During her time at the college, the

singer brushed shoulders with some of the top musicians including composer Lee Hyla and jazz vocalist Dominique Eade. Dienel then took an indefinite leave of absence to build and pursue her passion for music. On March 2006, Dienel’s recordings were compiled into an album entitled Wind-Up Canary by Hush Records. Ring the Bell is the third track from the 10-track album titled baby released in 2014.


Judge for Yourself


Songs of the Summer 2016 According to Shazam

young woman listening to music in a park. PortraOne of the fun pastimes of spring is in choosing the song of summer. Lots of candidates worth their salt including Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and Justin Timberlake were among the top contenders for the 2016 songs of summer that Shazam was analyzing. All these songs have the staying power to survive the sweltering months and are also instant barbecues and beach party classics.

In the process of predicting the summer song, Shazam analyzes trends and raw numbers which make the entire exercise much easier. According to the CEO Rich Riley, the predictive data used by Shazam is powered by a global community comprising hundreds of millions of listeners. 2016 had lots of amazing songs with exceptional breakout potential.

Shazam predicts the summer music scene:

One Dance by Drake

This is a tropical track that has been on an upward trend since it was released. It moved straight to number one on both the UK and US Shazam charts reaching a whopping 3.5 million listeners worldwide and currently the track shows no signs of slowing down.


This hit by Desiigner has attained 1.6 million Shazams. On the US Shazam chart, Panda climbed to number 7 and according to Riley, it is poised to sustain its steam throughout summer and become a major hit.

This is What You Came For

Rihanna and Calvin Harris released this song as a sequel to their 2011 hit entitled We Found Love. The track garnered over 345,000 Shazams right in the first week and based on this reaction, the track is likely to be played across all dance floors the entire summer.

Gold by Kiiara

Kiiara, the Illinois native, certainly found success with the track Gold which climbed up to number 5 on the Australian charts. According to Shazam metrics, this song is likely to enjoy phenomenal success in the United States this summer.


With over a million Shazams since it was first released, this song by the Strumbella is at number 33 on the worldwide Shazam chart. The self-described folk popgrass sound could as well be the dark horse for the summer.

I Hate U, I Love U

This is a breakout single done by Gnash featuring Olivia O’Brien. On the worldwide Shazam chart, I Hate U, I Love U is currently at number 46 with over 500,000 Shazams. This is a non-traditional song of summer nominee; however, listeners juts want something different from the dancefloor fillers. Chances are high they will gravitate towards this downbeat track.

If It Ain’t Love

This is a club-ready single done by Jason Derulo. Since its release, the track has already gathered over 400,000 Shazams and currently sits at position 43 on the US Shazam chart.


Era Istrefi, the Albanian songstress behind the bilingual Bonbon is certainly seeing global success. One the Shazam worldwide chart, the song reached the top 25 with over 1.5 million Shazams. This song is a typical description of a good beat that has boundary-transcending power.

In addition to the above, Shazam’s summer list includes Wasted Time by Keith Urban, Don’t Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers featuring Daya, Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake, and Dua Lipa’s Hotter than Hell.